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What is a Payment Link?

Payment links are easy mechanism to help a buyer transfer money to a seller like you. Presently Payment Gateways are the main mechanism to transfer money from buyer to seller. But this involves setting up of the payment gateway and involves 2-3% commission on each purchase in addition to yearly charges. These are typically not easy terms for a small time seller.

The Payment links offer an alternative. These are short browser links, created by Ezeepaylink. You can create a payment link for each of your product and attach a price for it. You can freely share this link to all your friends, customers and others through channels like email, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, website and so on.

When a customer clicks the link, he/she gets a link in browser where he can enter his name and mobile number. If the link is clicked in a mobile, it shows a list of all UPI apps included in the mobile. This could include apps like PhonePe, GooglePay, Whatsapp payment, BHIM, chillr or any Bank UPI app. The customer chooses his app and pays directly to the seller. The seller gets a message in his app that there is a payment with details of customer name, mobile number and product purchased. Seller can then proceed with shipment!

Simple isnt it?!

Simple reasons to use Payment links:

  • Avoid Payment gateway charges saving 2-3% commission on every sale and yearly charges
  • Payment is direct from buyer to seller through UPI, 24×7 Government blessed service and free!
  • Unlimited flexibility of sharing the links in any medium like Facebook, Whatsapp, Email, Website and so on!

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