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First Register to use the service in these simple steps:

1. Goto and register with your mobile and email address:


2. You will get an OTP in your email address. Please enter that

3. Enter details of what you want to sell..

4. If everything was right, you should get this screen. Check your email, you should get another mail with Admin password. This password is required to change the UPI VPA details. Enter the password you received

5. You should now see the home screen of the app. Your phone address should be seen as entered by you. Please change the UPI VPA to your UPI. Also change the name of the store. Please note that that bank account connected to the UPI VPA you entered receives all payments!!


That is it. Your setup is ready to get payments


How to create Payment links?

1. Goto to login

2. Click the Ezeepaylink on the top and you can this screen

3. Click the Create New Payment Link and you should see this screen:

Enter the name of your product. This should be unique for each product you sell. Enter the price and click button

4. You should see the paylink created on screen. You click “Copy” and share it your friends, customers through Whatsapp, Facebook, Email, Web page and so on


What happens when your customer clicks your payment link?

1. When your customer clicks the payment link you shared, he/she will see this screen:

Customer enters her name, her mobile number, clicks the T&C and clicks the Proceed to Pay button

2. Customer will see a screen like this:

If customer is paying from her mobile, she can click the link. If she is ordering from PC, she can scan the QR code with her favourite UPI app like PhonePe, Google Pay, PayTM etc and pay to the shop

As a shop owner, you can check in your UPI Application (BHIM/PhonePe/GooglePay) and you can see the receipt of payment to you. The name of customer, phone number and product name will be in the Remarks. This will give you details to contact the buyer

That all folks!



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